For any enquiries please contact Rae Bolotin at

4 Responses to Contact

  1. Alan says:

    Whats the difference in getting a flat in any country town, paying rent and your space under the rubric of artist residency?

    • bigCi says:

      There are a number of significant differences:
      1. BigCi residency is only available through submitting a competitive entry. We carefully select the best applicants, to ensure their residency would have the maximum benefit to their artistic practice.
      2. We provide resident artists with extensive, multipurpose working facilities – workshops, studios, performance and exhibition spaces as well as 8 acres of natural bushland for environmental projects.
      3. When you do your residency at BigCi, you will more than likely be here with other artists – Australian and International. Our residents have found the artistic exchanges that take place here invaluable.
      4. As part of the residency program, we offer all kinds of artist support; this depends on the individual artist’s needs but can include exhibitions, open days, special events, introductions to other artists and curators.
      5. We help to facilitate artists’ projects that often would not happen without our support.
      6. For artists who are interested in the environment, we have a member of our team who has an intimate knowledge of the unique wilderness area around us, so we can organise walks and excursions that are simply not possible anywhere else.

  2. Daniel Suska says:

    Hello my name is Daniel,
    I am an artist and i heard about you from my friend. Is there any residency for international artists these days? Is any opencall running today? Thank you,
    All the Best,

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