Bilpin international ground for Creative initiatives (BigCi)

BigCi is an independent, artist run, not for profit artist residency program focusing on artists’ professional development and facilitating their projects.

BigCi has been established and run by Rae Bolotin, a practicing artist, and Yuri Bolotin, environmentalist and wilderness explorer.

We are situated on the edge of Wollemi National Park within the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Greater Blue Mountains, one of the world’s top biodiversity hotspots. Due to our location and the knowledge base of our team, many of our resident artists are particularly interested in projects that explore environmental or ecological issues, although many others use our outstanding natural surroundings as a source of creativity for a variety of different artistic pursuits.

All residents have opportunities to take part in bushwalks conducted by Yuri Bolotin, an experienced mountain guide and author, and to learn first-hand about the unique biodiversity and geodiversity of the area.

Artists-in-residence are able to present their work during a BigCi Open Day that takes place at the end of their stay.

Painters, sculptors, multimedia artists, performance artists, writers, musicians, dancers, filmmakers and other creative souls are invited to apply for the residency. Curators, artistic directors, visionaries and ideas people are welcome to propose events, gatherings, exhibitions and other creative initiatives.

In addition to the artist residency program, BigCi is available for events, performances, workshops, installations and exhibitions. Proposals are welcome.

BigCi has collaborative links with a number of art organisations, including Asialink, Artspace Sydney, Sydney Biennale, Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, Hawkesbury Regional Gallery, Goyang Art Studio, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea;  Red Gate Gallery, Beijing, China, Move Arts Japan (MAJ) Artist In Residence Program, Japan Foundation.

BigCi is a member of Res Artis – worldwide network of artist residencies.

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BigCi is established and run by Rae and Yuri Bolotin

Rae Bolotin
Rae Bolotin is an artist and an Artistic Director of BigCi. She has always been interested in a wide variety of artistic endeavours and collaborations. Rae wants to see BigCi becoming a hub for the professional development of artists and is curious to observe how this unusual venue on the edge of a national park will affect their practice. Rae has received the 2018 Creative Leader Award from Blue Mountains Creative Artists Network (BMCAN). You can find more information about Rae on

Yuri Bolotin
Yuri Bolotin is a wilderness explorer, author and environmentalist with over 30 years experience in the Australian Bush. He regularly leads and takes part in wilderness research expeditions and is a member of the Blue Mountains Conservation Society and the Colong Foundation for Wilderness. He has recently published the fourth of the series of books about the Wollemi National Park and is also one of the three authors contributing to the publication of a 9 book series on the Gardens of Stone region. Yuri has received the Excellence in Conservation Occasional Award 2018 from the National Parks Association. You can find more about Yuri’s wilderness explorations on

BigCi is supported by a group of enthusiastic volunteers.

16 Responses to Bilpin international ground for Creative initiatives (BigCi)

  1. THe place sounds ideal for soemone exploringt he macro in the landscape as well as the micro. Revisiting Bilpin would take me back nearly fifty years to my first appointment as a teacher in the Bilpin area. Please send infromation on locating BigCi.

  2. Amelia says:

    Hi Rae and Yuri ,
    This place in Australia looks amazing. Wow for the blue mountains. Awesome.
    I currently live in Cornwall in an area of outstanding natural beauty, making art works in response to landscape.
    Visiting Australia is on my agenda so, residency at BigCi could be very interesting and productive for my practice in the future. Maybe in a year or so.
    I will keep in touch.
    Beautiful inspiring photographs on your site.
    Thank you
    Amelia Smith

  3. Karen says:

    Hello dear Rae & Yuri!
    Great place and wonderful space for artists. Nature provides for the Arts Initiative:))

  4. bigCi says:

    Hi there, we created this blog ourselves using, we found it is easy to use by non-programmers.

  5. Janet Duff says:

    Would you like to become a member of the Hawkesbury Artist & Artisan Trail? We certainly would like to have you.

    • bigCi says:

      Hi Janet, thank you for your message. Unfortunately we cannot be part of the Hawkesbury Artist & Artisan Trail as we run live-in artist residency program and most of the time are not open for public. We are only open for visitors few times a year when we have Open Days or Special Events. To be invited, one can subscribe to our newsletter or Like us on the Facebook.

  6. Hi Rae and Yuri, I just wanted to thank you both for a wonderful open day on Saturday and for giving me the chance to perform my percussion piece in your wonderful surroundings, all the best Damian Castaldi

  7. m says:

    sounds so great I’m really looking to visit such a place of my dream, hope that I will be able to upgrade my artistic skills since it looks like it has more inspiring atmosphere

  8. Andrea Carla Brescia - Baer says:

    You are a lot on my mind and I am looking forward to see you again .
    Just moved to Frankfurt but still living in Zurich as well , and you are both always welcome.
    I will be in Sydney from end of march for 3 weeks .
    If you schould have a opening day …or in the city
    Let me know please .
    Big kiss Andrea Carla

  9. Fasil says:

    Dear Organizers this is Artist (painter ) fasil assefa before 6 week ago I was in Vienna to exhibit my art work and Paris for art symposium it was good now I am interested to participate you program please tell me Detail regards fasil

  10. John Maina Wairicu says:

    Wow! This is so great! I love it
    I am a Percussionist , vocalist from Kenya can I enroll in the programme

  11. Alison Miller says:

    Hi how do I apply for a residency program please?

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