The Art Shed

The Art Shed is a brand new BigCi facility built in a unique and visionary way from recycled materials, using innovative construction techniques. Its design follows environmental principles including a huge roof collecting rain water and 41 solar panels generating electricity for the whole property.

The most unique aspect of the Art Shed is its purpose built design with a complete focus on artistic practice and creative needs of future residents. It consists of:

– six metre high Grand Hall suitable for creation of installations, making of large sculptures or staging of performances, workshops and events. It has concrete floor, brilliant ventilation, abundance of natural light, great acoustics and professional theatrical lighting.
– two story high Exhibition Space with unusual walls, great lighting, a wide range of possibilities of indoor/ outdoor exhibitions. This enables a variety of curatorial decisions.
– floating Mezzanine with stunning views and space suitable for exhibitions, lectures, workshops or yoga classes. As the Mezzanine hangs over both the Grand Hall and the Exhibition Space, it also provides a unique opportunity for photo and video documentation of projects.
– Living Quarters that consist of two large accommodation studios, shared kitchen, bathroom and laundry.

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The Barn
The Barn is constructed from recycled timbers. It has concrete floors, excellent natural light, ventilation, power, water, and plenty of work spaces, both inside and outside under the roof. It also has a mezzanine sleeping space for 4 people, a dark room, a kitchen, and a bathroom.

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The House
The mud brick hand-crafted house includes 3 bedrooms, an office,  an open plan kitchen, a bathroom, a large 2 storey high living room with fireplace, and an open veranda overlooking beautiful bushland.

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